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Ecuadorian businessmen learn of ‘the only success that matters’

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (BP)–More than 600 businessmen in Guayaquil, Ecuador, made first-time decisions for Christ following a recent conference for professionals.

Harold Finch, a former NASA scientist, community college president and training business owner, conducts conferences for professional people in Latin America. Following each seminar, Finch shares with interested participants how God is the essential element needed for success.

“After my secular presentation I tell them that the only success that matters is eternal success,” Finch said, “and then I present God’s plan of salvation.”

Many of those who make decisions for Christ attend a 10-week follow-up course led by local Christians. After Finch’s Guayaquil conferences, approximately 100 cell groups of 10 new believers each sprung up around the city. Each cell group uses Finch’s book, “The Three Keys that Open the Door to Great Success,” which integrates business and biblical principles.

“The excitement here continues long after the conferences,” said Manuel Sosa, an International Mission Board missionary in Ecuador. “The follow-up is going very well.

“They are meeting and we presently have more than 1,800 new believers in follow-up groups! The work is very hard and time-consuming,” Sosa said, “but very rewarding.”

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