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EDITORS’ NOTE: In (BP) story, “Consensus nominee elected as La. convention president,” dated 11/13/97, the following 3 paragraphs can replace/amplify the 19th paragraph:
In the trustee vote, messengers amended the nominating committee’s recommendation by replacing three conservatives with three moderates, reflecting a list submitted in September by college President Rory Lee.
The committee had met three times in the past six weeks, including once just hours before its report to the convention, and had flip-flopped between a list of six conservatives and a list of three nominees from both camps.
In offering the amendment, Stan Allcorn of DeRidder called on messengers to not hinder the effort toward peace and accept the “balanced list.” EDITORS’ NOTE: In (BP) story, “Groups warned to leave tabs on aluminum cans for donation,” dated 10/20/97, as a clarification, please substitute the following three paragraphs for the 8th and 9th paragraphs:
In one area, there was a widespread misunderstanding that a one-gallon milk jug full of the tabs was worth $50 toward kidney dialysis time. In fact, that amount of aluminum — about two pounds — is worth only about 50 cents at current market rates, according to a spokesman at a Reynolds recycling center in Atlanta. A complete drink can is worth just under a penny at the same rate, approximately 31 times as much as the tab alone.
While the widespread rumors about the inflated values and buying treatment time are false, some groups — most notably the Ronald McDonald Houses in a number of cities — do legitimately collect the tabs for recycling at market rates as fund-raising programs. One Ronald McDonald House official said the program has been successful because of the high volume of tabs collected from entire communities and the ease of storage.
For groups considering alternatives, one possibility is to conduct a recycling drive for all aluminum products — including drink cans, pie plates and other items. The Royal Ambassadors “Opportunity Now” program, which raises money for Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts, suggests an aluminum recycling drive as one option. RAs can earn a special uniform patch for participating in “Opportunity Now,” with chevrons for each additional year of involvement.

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