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Evangelist Rick Gage continues Go Tell push in U.S. towns

DUBLIN, Ga. (BP)–Year by year, Rick Gage and his evangelistic team stop by a few more towns across America to proclaim the Gospel.

In recent years, the Go Tell crusade itinerary has included Gaffney and Hartsville, S.C.; San Saba and Clarendon, Texas; Prescott, Ariz.; Gainesville, Lincolnton, Swaisboro and Morgan County, Ga.; Gardendale, Ala.; and London, Ky.

“God has burdened my heart to take the Gospel to as many towns as possible in my lifetime,” Gage said.

The Gospel imparts hope -– “hope for the individual, for society and for the world,” he said. “Saturating our communities across America with the Gospel must be done at all costs. It takes time, money and involvement to reach lost people, but it will be eternally worth it one day.”

And at each stop, “people are personally embracing the Gospel message,” Gage said.

In Dublin, Ga., predictions of rain each evening failed to deter thousands from trekking to West Laurens High School Football Stadium earlier this year for a four-night crusade that transcended the soggy weather.

By the conclusion of the outreach, 465 decisions had been recorded, including 211 first-time professions of faith in Christ.

“It was an awesome experience to sit on the stage and watch each night as people came forward and to see their lives miraculously changed by the power of God,” crusade chairman Skip Evans, a local businessman, said.

“There is excitement in our county,” Evans said. People have continued to talk “about what the Lord did, and our hearts are filled with gratitude. I truly believe the impact of this crusade will have far-reaching results and will be felt for years to come. The possibilities are limitless as we all continue to work together to see this move of God continue.”

“It was overwhelming to walk through the counseling section in the end zone after each service,” crusade co-chair Anne Payne said, “and see ordinary people with their Bibles open, loving others to Christ. It was a tremendous witnessing effort I will never forget.”

Pastor Joe Sloakum of Poplar Springs North Baptist Church rejoiced in how churches “came together across denominational and racial lines with a united goal of loving and reaching people.”

“We worked together, and that common bond enabled us to see people come to Christ who would never set foot in a church,” Sloakum continued. “We carried church to them and introduced them to Christ. The first Sunday morning after the crusade, I looked out over our congregation at people who had never been in a church except for a wedding or a funeral. Now they were worshiping the Lord with us for the first time, and it was truly a beautiful thing to see.”

John Drake, associate pastor of First United Methodist Church and chairman of the crusade’s counselors and follow-up committee, said God “moved in mighty ways, changing lives all across the community. Unchurched people found Christ as Savior; ministers were revitalized; and scores were brought to a closer walk with Christ. Church members saw those for whom they had prayed for many years come to Christ. Nothing will build up your faith more than that.”

The Go Tell team conducted 14 “On Track” programs in area middle and high schools during the May 7-10 crusade, addressing more than 6,000 students about life’s choices and the dangers of drugs, alcohol abuse, teen suicide and premarital sex.

At Trinity Christian School, students made more than 60 decisions for Christ.

“The crusade was awesome — one of the greatest things that has ever happened in my life,” Trinity student Charlsie Gerrard said. “Our football coach brought the entire team to the crusade straight from practice. They were still in their uniforms.”

More than 4,000 people attended the Wednesday youth night, and 1,000-plus students were treated to free pizza prior to the service.

“As you looked out during the invitation time,” Gerrard said, “it was an amazing sight to see many bowed in prayer in their uniforms all over the end zone. Lifetime decisions for Christ were made.”
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