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‘Experiencing God’ author joins B&H on new gospel translation

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–“Experiencing God” author Henry Blackaby and Broadman & Holman have joined forces to release a book that combines devotional notes with a new translation of the Gospels.

In “Experiencing the Word Through the Gospels,” Blackaby uses the new Holman Christian Standard Bible translation of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to give readers a way to “actually experience” the Bible, said David Shepherd, vice president at Broadman & Holman.

In spring 1999, Broadman & Holman, the trade publishing division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, announced it intended to produce a new translation of the Bible that would be both accurate and readable. B&H assembled a team of more than 80 translators, editors and stylists to complete the task. The Holman Christian Standard Bible translation is set for release in its entirety in 2004, with the New Testament scheduled for release in 2001.

Experiencing the Word Through the Gospels is the second and largest section of the Holman Christian Standard Bible to have been released, Shepherd said. The Gospel of John was released last summer and given to messengers attending the Southern Baptist Convention in Atlanta.

Blackaby said he has been looking forward to the new translation release of the Gospels because it is one of his favorite parts of the Bible.

“I always tell people that I spend at least a portion of my daily study in the Gospels, because the words and responses of Christ offer the clearest view into his heart and purpose,” Blackaby said.

On every page of Experiencing the Word, either a word study or a spiritual challenge is introduced, Shepherd said. In the word studies, the meanings and applications of Greek words found in the Gospels are explained.

In the spiritual challenges, Blackaby offers advice around the following themes:

— Seeking Relationship with God First.

— Tuning Your Heart to Hear God’s Voice.

— Living the Word through Experience.

— Surrendering Your Rights.

— Knowing God’s Will by Knowing God’s Heart.

— Obeying, Obey, and Keep on Obeying.

— Relaxing — Let Witnessing Happen Naturally.

Examples of some of Blackaby’s challenges include:

— Take your orders one day at a time. “God doesn’t give you a one-time assignment and leave you there forever. … God’s assignments come to you on a daily basis.”

— God has put you here for a reason. “What you plan to do for God is not important. What He plans to do where you are is very important.”

— Obedience is worth any cost. “Whenever you are tempted to consider the cost too high, you need to consider what it will cost you not to do the will of God.”

Experiencing the Word Through the Gospels can be purchased at LifeWay Christian Stores and other bookstores.

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