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FIRST-PERSON: The unknown believers

ATLANTA (BP)–Our generation so often confuses greatness and fame! Because we do this, we completely pass by many who are in character, and in contribution, “great” but never recognized or appreciated.

We see the talking heads on TV, and because they are famous, we casually or even carelessly give them a kind of greatness and then follow what they say. We even guide our lives and decisions by politicians, Hollywood stars, sports figures or even men of money and influence, who are considered by the world as “great” when in fact they have little of what the Bible would call or recognize as greatness.

There are many unsung heroes who have studied God’s Word, spent unusual time with God, have asked for his wisdom and quietly have assisted countless numbers of people with their presence and counsel. Lives have been greatly helped, even changed, by these unknown believers. They will never receive recognition or awards.

But heaven has taken notice and will grant them adequate recognition in the presence of God.

Jesus assured his disciples that “what is done in secret, God will reward openly” (Matthew 6:4,6). This was absolute with our Lord. This was certainly true in his own life and in the lives of so many of the ones God used greatly throughout history.

It is still true today. Many whom I have met I would gladly sit at their feet and learn, rather than be asked to speak. Their prayer life, their faith, their servant heart and life, and their humility were things I longed to see in my own life.

They are the unknown saints who daily make such a strong difference in the lives of others and do it as an authentic way of life.

Look for these in your own circumstances. It is not always the ones who are notable in the world who have greatness and therefore would be followed or listened to. God’s standard for greatness has to do with character and relationship to his wisdom and knowledge and counsel. It is those who are filled with his Spirit who have much to contribute.

You may be one of God’s great unknown saints. Thank him for the privilege.
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