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Gunman’s family donates $10,000 to Wedgwood Baptist Church

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–The family of the gunman who opened fire and killed seven and wounded seven others at Wedgwood Baptist Church has donated $10,000 to the Texas congregation.

Aaron Ashbrook, the brother of gunman Larry Gene Ashbrook, presented the check to Wedgwood pastor Al Meredith during a ceremony at the Altamesa Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas, in December. The $10,000 came from the sale of the Fort Worth property owned by Larry Ashbrook.

Meredith said the $10,000 gift was comprised of three checks from Ashbrook and two sisters. The pastor said he was not sure how the money would be used. Wedgwood is currently involved in a $4 million expansion of church facilities.

The family donated the money from the property sale to provide closure to the terrifying events that transpired on Sept. 15. That was the night Larry Ashbrook went on a bloody rampage at Wedgwood during a See You at the Pole youth worship service. Ashbrook killed seven people and wounded seven others before killing himself.

The ceremony was held at the Church of Christ because Ashbrook could not bring himself to visit the place where his brother had committed the violent crime.

Meredith was joined by church administrator Mike Holton, the chairman of deacons and two staff members who had been shot in the attack — counselor Kevin Galey and custodian Jeff Laster.

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