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Judge upholds Florida ban on adoption by homosexuals

MIAMI (BP)–A federal judge ruled Aug. 30 in favor of a Florida law prohibiting adoption by homosexuals.

The ruling by James L. King, a federal judge in Miami, is a noteworthy development in the ongoing battle over the campaign by homosexuals to gain legal rights in numerous areas. It likely will be appealed, however.

Adoptions by homosexuals have not been allowed in many states, but Florida is the only state in which the legislature has barred adoption by homosexual individuals and couples. The law was adopted in 1977. The legislatures of Mississippi and Utah have passed laws prohibiting adoption by same-sex couples, although it is improbable individual homosexuals would be able to adopt in those states either.

In his ruling, King said “categorically barring homosexuals from adoption in the best interest of Florida’s children is, on its face, a legitimate purpose,” The Washington Times reported. “At the least, it is arguable that placing children in married homes is in the best interest of Florida’s children.”

The judge, however, rejected the state’s argument morality was a basis for the policy. “The court cannot accept that moral disapproval of homosexuals or homosexuality serves a legitimate state interest,” King wrote.

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