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McRaney suit against NAMB gets trial date

OXFORD, Miss. (BP) – The suit filed by Will McRaney against the North American Mission Board  (NAMB) has a court date in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Mississippi. District Judge Glen H. Davidson set a June 5, 2023, date for a jury trial.

The lawsuit, which was originally filed in 2017 by McRaney, the former executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCMD), alleges NAMB had intentionally defamed him and wrongfully influenced his 2015 termination by the BCMD after a dispute over collaborative missions efforts in the region. NAMB has consistently denied McRaney’s claims.

Magistrate Judge David Sanders also ruled December 7, that NAMB must provide all documents, excluding text messages, related to McRaney from Jan. 1, 2013, until the present. The court had previously ruled they must supply them up to Jan. 1, 2017. 

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