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NAMB next gen coaching cohorts equip youth, collegiate leaders

On April 19-20, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) hosted the Multipliers Collegiate Coaching Network and the Youth Leader Coaching Network (YLCN) after several weeks of coaching led by practitioners across North America. Photo provided by NAMB.

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Christians have focused energy on passing down “the faith that was delivered to the saints once for all” for centuries. Each time one generation passes on the baton to the next, new challenges surface. Rapid changes in technology and cultural shifts, however, have seemingly made the task more daunting.

From April 19-20, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) hosted two groups for an event designed to help leaders reach the next generation. The Multipliers Collegiate Coaching Network and the Youth Leader Coaching Network (YLCN) occurred after several weeks of focused coaching led by practitioners located across North America.

“We really believe that healthy evangelistic leaders are more apt to lead healthy evangelistic ministries,” said Shane Pruitt, NAMB’s national next gen director. “We just want to be a help and encouragement to leaders who are influencing a generation with the gospel.”

Paul Worcester, NAMB’s national collegiate director, completed the first cohort of Multipliers after he and Pruitt designed a coaching network following the success of the YLCN.

“We started Multipliers Network because we wanted to be a resource and network opportunity for the top collegiate ministry leaders across the nation,” Worcester said, “especially since many collegiate leaders tell us they feel isolated and in need of support.”

Multipliers was designed to welcome collegiate ministry leaders who are serving in a variety of capacities, from campus-based ministries like Baptist Collegiate Ministry, to church-based ministries and collegiate church plants.

“My heart and vision for the network,” said Worcester, “is that the leaders who participate in the coaching turn around and create a multiplying movement on their campuses and in their ministries; that they will influence other leaders who influence other leaders.”

The two groups, Multipliers and the YLCN, worshipped and learned together during main sessions before separating out for specified training in breakout sessions. Topics included crafting sermons and Bible lessons, tips on how to give gospel invitations and creating a culture of evangelism.

Participants at the event received training through breakout sessions ranging from crafting sermons to giving gospel presentations and creating a culture of evangelism. Photo provided by NAMB.

There were 140 collegiate leaders who participated in the multi-week coaching network and 78 were able to attend NAMB’s in-person sessions. In the YLCN, 230 youth leaders participated over the weeks while 145 joined the two-day session at NAMB in person.

Both Worcester and Pruitt cited the great feedback they received as an encouragement to continue providing the cohorts in order to involve and inspire more next gen leaders. To learn more about the two coaching networks and discover how to be a part, visit the Multipliers or YLCN pages on NAMB’s website.