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Nature speaks? Most same-sex ‘marriages’ involve lesbians

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Sociologist Glenn Stanton isn’t surprised that an estimated two-thirds of Massachusetts’ same-sex “marriages” have involved lesbians.

The lopsided numbers, he said, reflect the differences that exist between men and women –- even in heterosexual relationships. While women tend to be more relationship-driven, men tend to be more sexually driven, Stanton said. But when those tendencies are represented in a homosexual relationship, he said, there is an unhealthy “double dose.”

Even in unnatural homosexual relationships, there are reflections of natural heterosexual tendencies.

“You just can’t get away from nature,” said Stanton, Focus on the Family’s director of social research and cultural affairs.

The Boston Globe surveyed 752 couples May 17 — the first day of legalized same-sex “marriage” — and found that approximately 66 percent of the unions involved lesbians. The data roughly parallels San Francisco, where lesbians made up 57 percent of that city’s same-sex “marriages.” (San Francisco ceased issuing licenses following a court order.)

Both surveys underscore what many had previously thought -– homosexual men tend to have multiple partners and are far less likely to seek a long-term relationship. A University of Chicago study released last year found that 61 percent of homosexuals in Chicago’s Shoreland area had more than 30 sexual partners.

“Monogamy in [male] homosexual relations is nearly nonexistent,” Stanton said. But lesbian relationships aren’t healthy, either, he added.

One of the biggest flaws in homosexual relationships, he said, is the lack of an opposite-sex partner to balance the natural desire for a relationship.

When there is no “dampering mechanism” for the sexual drive or the desire for a relationship, “you’re going to have problems,” he said.

“[Lesbians] are relationally intense,” he said, adding that the problem is that they are “expecting too much out of [the relationship].”

Emotional and even physical abuse is common among lesbian relationships, Stanton said.

“You’re … putting more stress on the relationship than you can handle,” he said.

The Boston Globe data also found a difference in the percentage of homosexual men and lesbians raising children. While 40 percent of lesbians were raising children, only 12 percent of homosexual men were. The difference once again reflects a natural difference that exists even in heterosexual relationships, Stanton said.

“It’s usually the woman who says, ‘Let’s start [raising a family],’” he said. “There’s a biological desire for that…. It’s a mom’s desire to nurture.
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