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Options abound for use of MissionKids resource

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–How can MissionKids be used?
— as your church’s official missions education program, meeting during regularly scheduled church activities.
— for Saturday morning outreach.
— as part of a tutoring program for children.
— for special studies during lock-ins, when child care is provided for adult retreats any time boys and girls gather at, or on behalf of, your church.
— when you need a missions event and you need it fast. (MissionKids requires very little preparation to present a strong missions emphasis.)
— in specific time slots in other children’s programs.
— when other programs disband for the summer.
— when boys and girls, who are usually separated for a mission study, combine for the summer.
— for neighborhood clubs.
— as enrichment curriculum for home schoolers — geography, reading, social sciences and memory work, with everything learned from a Christian perspective.
— in day-care centers and other weekday children’s programs.