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Pro-family groups attack NEA’s alleged homosexual agenda

WASHINGTON (BP)–Pro-family conservatives are stepping up their efforts to thwart the National Education Association’s expected push to teach homosexuality in public schools.

James C. Dobson, president of Focus on the Family, called on his radio-show listeners June 26 to help his group stage a rally at the NEA’s annual convention next week in Los Angeles. According to a report by CNSNews.com, the group hopes to protest what it calls a movement within the teachers’ organization to “integrate all K-12 classes in every subject with pro-gay curriculum.”

“This has implications for every school in the nation,” Dobson said. “Tens of millions of children would be taught this for thirteen years in all five subjects every single day.”

Dobson’s group says NEA president Bob Chase has vowed to “do everything in his power to assure that gay issues are promoted in every state.” Asked about such claims on June 26, NEA spokeswoman Kathleen Lyons declined to comment.

To illustrate his opposition, Dobson cited an incident at a grade school in Marin County, Calif., where students attended a mandatory homosexual-oriented assembly. “The group taught the children slogans such as ‘I’m gay, it’s OK,’ and performed skits — one in which Rapunzel cut her hair and ran away with her girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, the Pro-Family Law Center announced this week it has drafted a legal form that allows parents to keep their children out of homosexual instruction in public schools.

Parents can use the form, dubbed the “Student Opt-Out Notice,” to require schools to get their permission before teaching “gender studies” or “AIDS education,” among other things.

“That puts control back in the hands of the parents and out of the hands of social engineers,” said Scott Lively, the group’s director and attorney.

If the NEA approves a pro-homosexual agenda, Lively — whose group calls itself “America’s only legal organization devoted exclusively to opposing the homosexual political agenda” — said he believes it will embolden conservative activists.

“To have these self-appointed social engineers take up the role of re-educating children with homosexuality, I think is going to transform our society. I think we’re going to see massive support for the pro-family groups,” he said.
Lewis is a correspondent with CNSNews.com. Used by permission.

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