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REVIEW: See You at the Pole CD makes the grade

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Since 1990, high school and junior high school students all over the country have gathered around their campus flagpoles on Sept. 19 for See You at the Pole, a national prayer gathering.

With the growing hype that it brings once a year, it is no surprise that a musical compact disc has been created to celebrate the occasion.

See You At The Pole, from Ardent Records, is a compilation modern worship album including artists such as Skillet, Big Tent Rival and Steve Wiggins. Many compilation albums are too broad and try to suit too many people, but See You at the Pole focuses on a narrower slice — teenagers.

And with teenagers, it has something for everyone, from the thumping beat of the bass drum in Justifide’s “The Way” to simple acoustic guitar chords in Forty Days’ song “I Run”. The spiritual thread never ends in the lyrics either.

From song to song it makes the listener want to break out in worship praising God, a quality that will ready any student for the experience at See You at the Pole.

Truly, this is one compilation album that tops the rest.

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  • Tim Harms