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SBC DIGEST: IMB, NAMB release 2022 prayer helps; New issue of ERLC Light Magazine

IMB releases downloadable tech backgrounds for 2022

Remember to pray for missions with custom backgrounds for computers and mobile devices. With IMB photos from around the world, users can focus attention on an area of the world in need of prayer. Check each month for an updated background and pray for the unreached and for missionaries throughout the year.

NAMB 2022 missionary prayer calendar available digitally

The 2022 desk calendar serves as a prayer guide for NAMB’s missionaries, church planters and chaplains. The calendar is available for order on nambstore.com or for download.

ERLC’s Light focuses on human dignity

By Staff

NASHVILLE (BP)—Human dignity is the focus of the new issue of Light, the semiannual magazine of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Released Tuesday (Jan. 4), the issue – titled “Human Dignity Around the World” – is based on the biblical teaching that each person is made in the image of God. Multiple writers apply the concept of human dignity to such issues as abortion, ethnic genocide, racism and technology and to such groups as orphans, refugees and people with Down syndrome.

“God created every human life in his image, and, in doing so, He gifted us with an inherent dignity that is meant to be proclaimed, championed and protected,” said Lindsay Nicolet, the ERLC’s editorial director and editor of Light. “The latest issue of [Light] is built on this foundation and addresses the gross violations of this essential right that are numerous around the globe right now.

“As Christians, our prayer is that this edition of Light will cultivate a concern for our neighbors, both near and far, and to love them as we love ourselves, just as Christ commands in scripture,” she said. 

Among the topics and writers in the latest issue are:

  • The new abortion culture in Northern Ireland explained by representatives of the pro-life organization Both Lives Matter in an interview with Elizabeth Graham, the ERLC’s vice president of operations and life initiatives.
  • The unconquerable nature of human dignity among Christians suffering at the hands of terrorists in the Middle East as described by veteran journalist Mindy Belz.
  • The Chinese Communist Party’s genocidal campaign against Uyghur Muslims in an article written by Chelsea Sobolik, the ERLC’s director of public policy, and her husband Michael, a Washington, D.C., policy analyst.
  • Christians’ roles as “ambassadors of Christ” in embracing a comprehensive view of human dignity in a piece by Herbie Newell, president of Lifeline Children’s Services.
  • The effect of technology on human dignity around the world as explained by Jason Thacker, the ERLC’s chair of research in technology ethics.
  • Christian response to the more than 1 million children orphaned by the COVID-19 pandemic during its first year in an article by Jedd Medefind, president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

The new issue of Light is available online here.

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