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Sidebar: Results listed from the medical volunteer team

SARAJEVO, Bosnia (BP)–The medical volunteer team listed these results:
— Sokolovic Kolonija Clinic held five days treated 173 people, mostly Kosovo/Sanjak refugees.
— Home visits totaled 62 with many members in each home being checked at times (not to mention the neighbors).
— The Refugee Center Clinic treated 28 Kosovars near Stup 2.
— The Health Fairs, Stup and Luzani/Ilizda treated approximately 62 people.
— There were six small group seminars with helpful preventive information which included children, women and Bosnian believers.
— The Woman’s Seminar held at the WMU house had 40 in attendance, with one
profession of faith.
— The children’s day camp in Sokolovic Kolonija (which ran simultaneously with the Med/Team schedule) had 49 children on the biggest day.
— There were 38 food boxes delivered also by the medical team to Kosovo refugees all over Sarajevo area.
— There were eight people who prayed to receive Christ during the two weeks the team was here. There are numerous contact possibilities ahead.
— The Medical Team along side IMB personnel made personal contact with approximately 657 Bosnians and Kosovo Refugees. Many of these people leaving the area — going home to Kosovo etc. — will carry with them a seed planted, the smile of someone who loves Jesus.