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Student gets diploma after it was held for his commencement speech about God

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ALEXANDRIA, Ky. (BP) – A Kentucky high school student who was denied his diploma last week for mentioning God in his commencement speech received it on Wednesday after meeting with school officials, according to a report on WKRC in Cincinnati.

Micah Price, a graduating senior at Campbell County High School, spoke about God during his speech on Friday, going against the school-approved script. He met with his principals Wednesday and told them he did not use the approved graduation speech to give his classmates a lesson about God, the station reported.

The first part of his speech, which was approved, allowed Price to thank his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” but what followed was not given the green light. The senior went on to say, “He’s the light, He’s the way, the truth and the life. Class, everyone in the audience today, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t have any of those things in your life, you can’t seem to find the answer, my Lord and Savior is the answer. He will give you the truth, the way and the life.”

His comments were met with thunderous applause and cheers.

Price told WKRC that all of it was in the original speech, but the second half of it was nixed. The school told him because it was a public institution, they didn’t want to “divide the audience or my audience because I was speaking,” he said.

Price told the station they warned students there could be repercussions for going off script. He was not angry with the administration.

“I agree with both; I went against the rules, I should be punished, and I should have held by diploma held. But also, I simply cannot enter a place or a building and not talk about my Savior and urge people to give their lives to Him.”

Superintendent Shelli Wilson told WKRC: “While I know, personally, that many of us are proud of this young man’s beliefs and are practicing Christians ourselves, the principal has to consider the possibilities of students going off the planned program.”

Price plans on attending the U.S. Air Force Academy and leaves for boot camp in July. He was also considering ministry based on the recent experience, the report said.