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Tax-funded pamphlet on homosexuality draws protest from Vermont ministers

WASHINGTON (BP)–A group of Vermont ministers picketed the Burlington offices of Outright Vermont Oct. 12, a tax-funded organization they say promotes a homosexual agenda in local schools, the Internet news site CNSNews.com reported.

Among other items, the church leaders are protesting graphic brochures that target “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth,” published by Outright Vermont at taxpayer expense.

“I am objecting to the use of tax dollars for pornographic material which is being distributed by Outright Vermont,” Richard Callahan, a minister of the Maranatha Christian Church, who led the protest, told CNSNews.com.

Ministers have targeted a pamphlet by Outright Vermont titled, “Safer Sex Can Be Fun,” in which children are encouraged to: “Become a condom expert. Practice with a few different brands, colors and flavors. Learn to put them on in the dark. Then you’ll be ready for safer sex!”

The pamphlet contains a graphic illustration of one man performing oral sex on another and notes: “Oral sex is safer without ejaculation. …”

Outright Vermont received a grant from the state Department of Health for $121,575 over three years. “There are 36,835 males and 34,603 females in Vermont between the ages of 14 and 22,” the group said. “Outreach’s projects are available to youth from middle school (age 14) through college (age 22).”

Outright Vermont is actively promoting homosexual behavior in schools by organizing safer sex parties, youth recruitment and weekend retreats, protesters said. The group also distributes “dental-dams,” condoms, lubricants, female condoms and latex gloves to children as young as 14.

Callahan also handed out copies of a February 2000 memorandum by the office of Democratic Gov. Howard Dean to members of the House Education Committee, in which Dean justified a $12,000 grant to Outright Vermont.

“Last fiscal year, Outright Vermont developed a training program for public schools that was designed to support diversity and safe schools for Vermont’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth,” the memo said.

Outright Vermont delivered 21 workshops for faculty, staff and students in a dozen schools in 1999.

“The governor feels that this group has demonstrated its effectiveness in this area and warrants the state’s support,” the memo said.
Morahan is a senior writer with CNSNews.com. Used by permission.

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