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UPDATE: Crossover decisions move to 1,800-plus

ST. LOUIS (BP)–The following updates can be added to the Crossover St. Louis story in BP 6/10/02 titled, “Entire family among hundreds finding Christ through Crossover”:

— Substitute the end of the fourth paragraph and the fifth paragraph with the following:

Hundreds of volunteers from across the country joined 80 local churches for the annual event, which also included community surveys, inner-city evangelism, street evangelism, encounters on college campuses, giveaways of free water in Christ’s name, a ministry to exotic dancers and other efforts. Another 280 student volunteers were also participating in a Frontliners evangelistic effort June 8-12 in nearby O’Fallon, Ill.

As of June 11, more than 1,800 professions of faith had been reported by churches and volunteers.

“I think overall it’s been absolutely great,” said Doyle Echols, local coordinator for Crossover and director of volunteer missions for the St. Louis Metro Baptist Association. “I’m positive it will effect our small inner-city churches especially – and even in the outlying areas – because it will give them the encouragement they needed. To me it’s the best thing that’s happened in many, many years.”

— Substitute the last paragraph with the following:

“Sometimes those things will go 300 to 600 miles, so it could be weeks before we see any of those results,” said Ray Jenkins, an evangelist from Fayetteville, Ga., who organized the effort.

The 27 volunteers working with Jenkins in saw 246 pray to accept Christ, Jenkins said, including one young woman who began their conversation by saying she was an atheist. She eventually she conceded she was an agnostic, with strong doubts, so Jenkins took the time to read the entire first three chapters of John with her.
“The power of the Word of God broke her heart,” said Jenkins. “… She said, ‘I’ve been looking for the truth, and I finally found it.'”
Crossover update:

— Correct “New Life Baptist Church” to “New Life Community Church” in the first and seventh paragraphs.

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