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An Open Letter to Southern Baptists

In this edition of SBC LIFE, you will see a variety of opportunities for the upcoming Convention. I would like to encourage all Southern Baptists to give serious consideration to their attendance at our Convention, as well as involvement in as many of the opportunities as possible. Most of all, please pray for our upcoming Convention and its activities.

I encourage all Southern Baptists to seriously consider being a part of the evangelistic outreach, Crossover San Antonio, which will be held prior to the Convention's activities. Many can be led to Christ during this time.

For almost one year I have been stating that Baptists have for too long been known for what we are against, but now it is time to be known for what we are for! Wouldn't it be great for the people in our nation to see a body of believers meeting in San Antonio, Texas, with the singular purpose of leading the lost to Christ? Wouldn't it be wonderful for our nation to witness a body of believers coming together in unity to do the work of God's Kingdom on this earth? Wouldn't it be wonderful for local churches to be encouraged by what happens in San Antonio this summer?

I encourage maximum involvement. One of my primary attempts this year has been to involve people who have never been involved in the past. While I certainly could not involve everyone, I have seen people grateful for opportunities to serve. This issue contains many other opportunities for service, ministry, and witness. Please give prayerful consideration to all of these.

In Christ,

Dr. Frank S. Page
President, Southern Baptist Convention

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