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Teaching That Transforms: Facilitating Life Change Through Adult Bible Teaching
Richard R. Melick, Jr., & Shera Melick

Teaching that Transforms aims to improve the ways in which the Bible is taught to adult learners. As grown-ups today leave the church in droves, academic professors Richard and Shera Melick recognize that it is in part because many who teach adults have little or no exposure to the distinctive characteristics of adult learners, rendering their lessons ineffective.

Affirming the traditional authority of God's Word while considering the need to make it relevant to every generation in its cultural and educational context, the authors set out to present an easily understood method, which they describe as "transformational," for teaching the Bible among adults. $29.99


Text-Driven Preaching: God's Word at the Heart of Every Sermon
Daniel L. Akin, David L. Allen, & Ned L. Mathews, editors

Features essays by Daniel L. Akin, Paige Patterson, David Alan Black, Jerry Vines, Hershael York, David L. Allen, Bill Bennett, Ned L. Mathews, Robert Vogel, and Jim Shaddix urging pastors to commit to presenting true expository preaching from the pulpit. Concerned over what some church leaders even consider to be expository preaching today, they agree, "This book rests firmly on the biblical and theological foundation for exposition: God has spoken." $29.99


The Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament: Colossians and Philemon
Murray J. Harris

The first book in a projected series of twenty volumes that seeks to bring together classroom, study, and pulpit by providing the student or pastor with the information needed to understand and expound the Greek text of the New Testament. Author Murray J. Harris aims to close the gap between grammatical analysis and exegesis, leading the reader into an in-depth understanding of the New Testament Greek text by guiding him or her through the processes of thorough exegesis flowing into sermon construction. $24.99


Whosoever Will: A Biblical-Theological Critique of Calvinism
David L. Allen & Steve Lempke, editors

Arising from the John 3:16 Conference held in late 2008 at First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia, Whosoever Will presents a biblical-theological assessment of and response to five-point Calvinism. Baptist leaders offering an alternative to the doctrine's TULIP tenets include Paige Patterson (Total Depravity), Richard Land (Unconditional Election), David Allen (Limited Atonement), Steve Lemke (Irresistible Grace), and Kenneth Keathley (Perseverance of the Saints). $24.99


HCSB Study Bible

Developed in response to what consumer focus groups asked for, only one study Bible delivers more than you'd expect — right where you'd expect it. When reading a passage in the Bible, you shouldn't have to wonder where to find supporting reference notes and commentary that go along with it. That's why the HCSB Study Bible — featuring approximately 15,000 study notes — is designed so that every clarifying resource is there on the same page spread as the biblical text to which it refers. You'll never again forget what you were looking for, because the pertinent note, map, chart, word study, or illustration is already there. $69.99 (Bonded Leather)

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