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The following are "popcorn" testimonies from Don, Stacy, Jeff, Mitzi, Alyson, Joey, Debbie, Darin, Kyle, Anne, Jay, Kesha, Terri, Donna, and Jim. In them, you will detect the "before and after" of evangelism training.

"I was confident I was saved, but I was never confident in how to share the Gospel with someone else. Evangelism training is very important to me."

"I have been a Christian for a very long time, but I was never comfortable in sharing my faith."

"I wasn't going to go to evangelism training and go up to someone and ask if they were a Christian or tell them about Jesus — that was something others needed to do."

"It was scary, but I felt God wanting to test me in this area. He has proven Himself."

"I felt God wanting me to be trained, but I had to commit it to prayer because I was so nervous. It was out of my comfort zone."

"I wondered, 'Why do we have to memorize all the verses and all this structure; why can't we just tell them abut Jesus?' But I realized I had not been."

"It is presented in a way we can learn step-by-step. By the end of semester one, we know all the Scriptures that are important to use in sharing about Christ with someone."

"It was hard and awkward at first, but when you're in a group of people that will help you, it gets easy."

"As I shared my faith and my testimony, it became easier and easier, and I knew it wasn't my ability, but the power of the Holy Spirit working in me. It was neat to see that change in my life."

"Now I feel very confident that I can share what the Bible says about how we can have eternal life, and I can tell others so they can have that great gift as well."

"We are now able to share our faith in a non-confrontational way."

"I do a lot with international students, and now I have the confidence to share the Gospel with them."

"Our daughter led her friend to Christ. Faith in the Lord has changed my life and my family's life."

"The evangelism training has allowed me to take a more proactive approach. I've had opportunities on planes, with people at work, and with those I come in contact with that would not have known about Jesus Christ if I had not been trained to share."

"I'm very thankful my church has a program to teach us how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't be in church right now."

"I was now able to share the Gospel with my golfing partner."

"It's so neat to see people we've shared with involved in church and growing, and to know I had a part in it."

"The best way I can show my gratitude to God is to go out and share with others."

There are people in every city in the United States and around the world waiting for you to be trained and to come and tell them about Jesus.

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