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Giving Your FAITH Away

  Isaac Strider is a 15-year-old sophomore from Bethany, Oklahoma, where he is a member of the school’s Bible group and FCA at his high school. When he was 6 years old, he placed his faith in Christ during a visit with his grandfather and grandmother, Edward and Betty Lockwood, in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Isaac’s […]

What’s the Big Deal About Evangelism?

I heard a preacher say, “If you hear that I have died tonight, when you bury me, stick up a sign that says, ‘Temporary residence. I’m coming back up. You can count on it!”’ I say, Amen and don’t look for me in the graveyard! That’s good news from the graveyard but it’s also a strange place for good news. That’s what Easter is all about!. If you’re looking for Jesus, don’t look in the graveyard. He isn’t there. He left the graveyard 2,000 years ago and never went back. And if you are looking for a Christian loved one who has passed away, don’t look in the graveyard because Jesus said, “Where I am you will be also.”

Shining the Light for All to See

If you keep up with the news these days, you know about the persecution and killing of Christian pastors and laypeople all over the world. The situation seems to be escalating, but the more who are persecuted, the more the witness goes out, and the light shines brighter for Christ. Through the ages, God's people […]

Whatever It Takes!

What happens when we prioritize evangelism? Consider this account from Stuart Bell, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Centerton, Arkansas. We are sold on doing intentional evangelism. This semester, a couple of my staff members challenged me with a new approach on Sunday nights asking, "If we really do 'exist to fulfill the Great […]

Changing Lives — Just One at a Time

I love this time of the year because we have settled in from summer vacations and are now back to "seriously soldiering for the Savior." It's the time of the year when pastors across the country are pleading for you to be a soul winner and to come join a team in order to either […]

Knowing What to Say

Have you ever been frustrated because you just didn't know how to effectively present the Gospel? Consider this testimony from an anonymous brother who you might be able to relate to. I'm daydreaming at the water cooler when suddenly Lisa, from sales, interrupts my thoughts with a big hello. I turn and look into her […]

As God Would Have It!

Sometimes our attempts at witnessing don't go the way we would expect — or like. But that doesn't relieve us of the responsibility to present the Gospel, does it? And God is always faithful, as you will see in this testimony from Jay Smith, a member of First Baptist Naples, Florida, where Hayes Wicker is […]

Being a “Salt and Light” Church

One of the exciting things about the Gospel is that it has no boundaries of nationalities, as you will read in the testimony below from Pastor Dennis Littleton of First Baptist Church, Palm Coast, Florida. Church folks are an interesting bunch, to say the least. But one thing is sure, all church folks have the […]

Encouraging Evangelism — in Your Own Community and Around the World

Below are a couple of testimonies from First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida. The first shows that if your church is a soul-winning church, it can be the catalyst in your community to win your world to Christ. We must become intentional in these days. The second will hopefully encourage you to "keep on keeping […]

How Jesus Works is Amazing!

Here we are again, can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner! Stores decorated, just waiting for our money, and we are excited to give it to them because we know it will make a loved one happy. (At least we're hoping it will.) All the talk is around food and gifts. "Whose […]