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Giving Your FAITH Away


Isaac Strider is a 15-year-old sophomore from Bethany, Oklahoma, where he is a member of the school’s Bible group and FCA at his high school. When he was 6 years old, he placed his faith in Christ during a visit with his grandfather and grandmother, Edward and Betty Lockwood, in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Isaac’s grandfather has a motorcycle, so it was pretty natural for him to love bikes. In 2010 they rode the bike to Sturgis; the ultimate destination for bikers. But Isaac not only loves bikes, he loves Jesus even more. During their time in Sturgis he worked with the Christian bikers who were there sharing their faith. Several of the leaders were not sure if he could handle himself with the adults who would come into the tent, but he quickly proved they had nothing to fear. He shared with more than forty adults, some from notorious biker groups, and was able to lead twenty-one adults to the Lord. 

His next opportunity would be Daytona Bike Week 2011. There would be tens of thousands in town for the week, and the FAITH Riders would have a tent and give away a Harley motorcycle for those filling out a registration. But the money was not available to make a second trip—it was too long of a ride for his grandfather. Isaac spoke to a small cowboy church, “Ridin’ For Him” in Byron, Oklahoma, and shared with them about his time in Sturgis and all the Lord was able to do with a sophomore who was willing and trained to share his faith. This church believed the Lord wanted them cover the cost of the flight to Daytona for him and his grandfather, and for his meal plan. Keep in mind, this is a small church of twenty, but a church with a great big heart for souls.

Isaac’s next hurdle would be getting the time off from school. Their spring break would not start until after Daytona Bike Week. His school, however, did recognize mission trips, and indeed this would be a mission trip to remember.

He and his grandfather would spend a week sleeping on the floor with other FAITH Riders in town for the week. First Baptist Church, Daytona, would be the location, and the FAITH Riders group would provide them with two meals a day. They would take turns “working the tent,” which was very near the Harley store close to the church.

During his time in the tent he just asked bikers for three minutes of their time, and then they could register for the motorcycle being given away. That three minutes was used to share his personal testimony and then ask the question, “Would you like to know for sure you are going to heaven?”

His first day in Daytona, fifteen bikers agreed to allow him to share his testimony and twelve prayed to receive Christ! On his second day, he prayed with five out of nine to receive salvation; the third day four out of nine prayed; the fourth day five out of eleven; fifth day five out of seven; and sixth day three out of five received Christ. 

One person told him, “I’m a Christian but don’t want to be a ‘full’ Christian because I have an alcohol problem and don’t want to disrespect God.” He was able to encourage him and pray with him.

You have to remember he was not the only person in the tent sharing Christ. There were several during each shift and each has a similar story. What a mission field, and they are coming to you!

Isaac’s grandfather led eighteen people to the Lord and gained multiple testimonies: 

I met a card-carrying deaf/mute person that needed Jesus. I wrote my testimony down on a couple pieces of paper and allowed him to read a line or two as I wrote it, at the end I asked if he would like to have Jesus help him make good decisions and be his Lord—he wrote down that he would.  I used one of the tracts that we were giving out and opened it to the prayer at the end and asked him to read it; what a humbling moment as I looked at this man with tears in his eyes writing, ‘Thank you’ on a piece of paper.  I remember witnessing to a lady and her husband who both listened to my testimony with great interest on their faces. When I asked them if they too would like Jesus to be their Lord and Savior she smiled and told me that I had been an answer to prayer. The night before she had asked God to help her over her despondence and she knew that I was the answer to her prayer. Hugging me, she thanked me, as did her husband.  Thank you Jesus!

As a side note, all the registrations were given to evangelistic Baptist Churches, in the areas where these visitors live (all across the country), to do a follow-up visit. 

What a Lord, what a mission trip!

Ask the Lord, each day, to allow you to share your testimony with someone, to put someone in your path to encourage in Jesus, and be ready to share a life saving message with anyone and everyone.

God bless each of you and—let’s go soul winning!!!  


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