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What to Expect for Crossover Dallas

  • The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention is facilitating connection points for churches to do intentional personal evangelism in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as part of the Crossover outreach before the June 12–13 SBC annual meeting.
  • SBTC invites mission volunteers to consider opportunities to serve other areas of Texas as well, offering vision tours throughout June for pastors, mission leaders, and church members.
  • Seminary students will spend a week assisting churches with home visits and personal evangelism as part of Crossover outreach.
  • At the invitation of the North American Mission Board, Greg Laurie will host his Harvest America outreach in Arlington on Sunday, June 10 as the culmination of Crossover. Volunteers will share the Gospel and spread the word about the event.
  • SBTC has developed the 1Cross app as an evangelistic tool to share the message of the Gospel in multiple languages.
  • “Personal evangelism still works because the Gospel still works.” –Shane Pruitt, evangelism director, SBTC