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Missionary Couples Tackle Postwar Bosnia

Four seasoned veterans of Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board work have arrived in Bosnia and are seeking out hearts open to the gospel. The missionary couples — with a combined 90 years' experience in cross-cultural evangelism and church planting — each volunteered to serve six months in Bosnia, where 44 months of intense ethnic warfare […]

SBC Cooperative Program Tops Previous Fiscal Year’s Record

The Southern Baptist Convention ended the 1995-96 fiscal year with a record $148,185,076 in Cooperative Program gifts, surpassing by nearly $2.5 million the record given last year, according to Morris H. Chapman, president and chief executive officer of the SBC Executive Committee. For the SBC's fiscal year, Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, the $148.2 million […]

Revival in the Land

Our nation is in the throes of convulsive civilizational change. Pessimism abounds about our future as a free, secure, and virtuous society. Against this backdrop, growing attention is being focused across our Convention, indeed across the entire evangelical world, in what is variously called revival, spiritual awakening, or renewal. SBC LIFE is vitally interested in […]

From Prodigy to Prodigal, Physician Now Follows Christ

By every measurement, John Redman was a prodigy. He finished high school at 16, entered medical school at 18, and earned his doctor of medicine degree at 22. He entered the Air Force as a major at 27. By 31, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, he was the youngest urology department chairman […]

SBC Responds to B’nai B’rith Protest/Funds Campaign

B'nai B'rith has launched a campaign against the Southern Baptist Convention's 1996 resolution on Jewish evangelism and is using the campaign to raise funds. B'nai B'rith, which describes itself as "the world's oldest and largest Jewish organization," founded 153 years ago, operates programs in "community service, public affairs, and disaster relief." The Washington-based organization has […]

Witnessing to Jewish People

Helping a Jewish person to come to the Lord Jesus is a rare and wonderful experience. If God opens such a door of witness to you, the following suggestions may be of help to you: o Openness may well depend upon your initial approach. Therefore, it is usually wisest, if possible, to build a friendship […]

Lottie Moon’s Romance

History (and her own letters) hint that the great missionary loved her friend and teacher Crawford Toy. But she loved God more. Even in this cynical age, we tend to idealize our heroes. The media relentlessly expose the foibles of politicians and preachers. Revisionist historians attack the reputations of everyone from Christopher Columbus to Abraham […]

Would Santa Have Put Something In Jesus’ Stocking?

Okay, Okay! It's not that I don't believe in Santa. I can overlook my previous biases against a guy who can get into apartment complexes and house trailers (sans) chimneys. I can accept that he really should work on his abs a bit more. I don't even mind admitting he has elves; everybody needs a […]

Remarkable Reunion

Floyd "Lammie" Lammersfeld has seen the 1938 movie, "Boys Town," starring Spencer Tracey and Mickey Rooney, saying it is a good representation of what Father Flanagan's Boys Home in Boys Town, Neb., was like. He knows because he lived there as a boy. Lammersfeld, president of the Fellowship of Tennessee Evangelists and a full-time evangelist […]

There’s More Than Santa Claus at North Pole

Motoring down Highway 2 from Fairbanks, Alaska, your eyes are peeled for North Pole. You see the McDonald's arch first, then the red-and-white striped Santa Claus house and the sign, WELCOME TO NORTH POLE, ALASKA — WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE. Your tour bus driver swings down St. Nicholas Drive and pulls up beside a 20-foot Santa Claus. You pile out with your fellow passengers to buy souvenirs, then to photograph the reindeer cavorting in a pen behind the giant Santa. You hear an excited boy from another group hollering, "Which one is Rudolph? Where's the reindeer with the shiny nose?"