Adam R. Cole

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Extending compassion to Haiti from the USS Normandy

NORFOLK, Va. (BP)--Their situation, one that is lacking any sort of opportunity in a world full of wealth and prosperity, will stick with me. The kids, so full of joy even though they have nothing, will stick with me as well.       A drop of clean water, a balanced meal -- luxuries for these people -- will never be taken for granted again.       I didn't expect to be sent to Haiti to help those in need -- not like this, not on a U.S. Navy warship whose primarily mission is air defense. Yet God has the bigger plans, always, in my individual life and in humanity as a whole.       The 7.0-magnitude that shook Haiti on Jan. 12 crumbled just about everything in and around the capital of Port-au-Prince. International relief workers rushed to the scene and so did military contingencies from a number of countries. My ship, the USS Normandy, was sent with an aircraft carrier, a handful of Marine-carrying amphibious ships and a hospital ship.       I watched the news intently once we got orders to become part of Operation Unified Response in Haiti. Lifting the plight of the hurting to the Lord is something I try to do regardless of how connected I am to a particular tragedy or situation of struggle. With Haiti, I found myself woven more deeply into the process of intercession than ever before.

Military service meets Great Commission

NORFOLK, Va. (BP)--Their lives center on missions, operations and training; strict time schedules; days and, often, months spent away from family; and a pressure to perform that can mean life or death.

Military spouses keep the faith

NORFOLK, Va. (BP)--In many ways, they are just as courageous and heroic.