Cal Thomas

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FIRST-PERSON: The real teachings of the Koran

WASHINGTON (BP)--During the Cold War, American intelligence loved getting its hands on defectors from communism. The reasoning was that these people had the best information about the plans of the other side, information that would help America defeat them.

FIRST-PERSON: Marriage redefined

WASHINGTON (BP)--It is not as if the ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court permitting the "marriage" of same-sex couples came as a surprise. If Massachusetts doesn't care about the sexual practices of some of its politicians, why should it care about what some of its lesser citizens do?

FIRST-PERSON: Muzzling the wrong dog

WASHINGTON (BP)--Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, a much-decorated soldier, was wounded by the political correctness movement in recent days over comments he made comparing the war against militant Islam to a battle against Satan. Boykin, who is deputy undersecretary of defense, had told evangelical Christian audiences that radical Islam threatens to destroy America "because we're a Christian nation." He has also said, according to tapes of his remarks obtained by The Los Angeles Times and NBC News, that Muslims worship an "idol" and not "a real God."