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Once the public is desensitized, path clears for cloning acceptance

WASHINGTON (BP)--It used to be easy to separate reality from myth when it came to cloning.

Firebombed pastor echoes alarm over upswing in HIV infections

WASHINGTON (BP)--Educating homosexual men about the moral and physical consequences of their behavior can sometimes be a risky business, according to one pastor who was vilified for his attempts.

Student’s protest of homosexual play leads to suit against Temple Univ.

WASHINGTON (BP)–A Temple University student who protested a theatrical depiction of Jesus Christ as a homosexual and subsequently was allegedly forced to undergo a mental evaluation is seeking punitive damages against the school officials who reportedly tried to commit him to the psychiatric ward, CNSNews.com reported. The process is in the discovery stages now and […]

Women’s groups support Ashcroft in Washington news conference

WASHINGTON (BP)--Representatives from nearly 20 renowned women's organizations have rallied behind President-elect Bush's choice of Sen. John Ashcroft for attorney general, calling the candidate one of the few ethical and honest men in Washington, CNSNews.com reported Jan. 11.

Bush choice for HHS head irks abortion supporters & opponents

WASHINGTON (BP)--President-elect George W. Bush's selection of Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson to lead the Health and Human Services department has been met with opposition from both sides of the abortion debate, according to the Internet news site CNSNews.com.

California educators to teach homosexual tolerance classes

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (BP)--Homosexual rights activists are looking to the New Year with some eagerness, as one of California's latest hate violence prevention bills is due to take effect Jan. 1 in the public school systems, according to the Internet news site CNSnews.com.

ACLU suit, federal judge force county to remove Ten Commandments in Indiana

WASHINGTON (BP)–Threatened by fines, residents of a small town in Indiana say they were forced to remove a monument displaying the Ten Commandments from the lawn of the local courthouse after a federal judge ruled on behalf of the state’s civil liberties union. “We were ordered to take it down, we were given five days […]

Scouts’ lawyers addressing refusal for use of Fla. county’s buildings

WASHINGTON (BP)–Lawyers for the Boy Scouts of America in Florida are working on arguments in refutation of a school board’s decision to ban the organization from meeting within its county buildings, according to the Internet news site CNSNews.com. Broward County School Board members voted unanimously in mid-November to “evict the Boy Scouts from county schools,” […]

Elementary schools prime market for homosexual activists’ video

WASHINGTON (BP)–Elementary schools nationwide are the target markets for a new video designed by homosexual activists to teach tolerance for their lifestyles, according to a report by CNSNews.com, an Internet news site. “It’s pretty pernicious,” Peter LaBarbera, senior analyst with the Family Research Council, of the “That’s a Family” video. “How can a young student […]

U.N. global tax & court proposals called ‘frightening’ possibilities

NEW YORK (BP)–A small group of policy experts will be watching the actions of the United Nations Millennium Summit for further evidence of what one analyst described to CNSNews.com as a “frightening” push for global governance. The leaders of more than 150 nations converged in New York Sept. 6 to iron out details of their […]