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FIRST-PERSON: Lessons from the Rush Limbaugh controversy

When Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown law student a name, he harmed the cause of religious freedom by allowing the president and his supporter to change the subject on the contraceptive issue, says columnist Chuck Colson.

FIRST-PERSON: Religious liberty held hostage in the Senate

Unless one lone senator (Dick Durbin) changes his mind, the religious liberty watchdog known as USCIRF will close its doors Friday due to no funding, says columnist Chuck Colson.

FIRST-PERSON: You thought you were only shopping

Columnist Chuck Colson says a handful of gay activists have won another victory in the public square by pressuring Microsoft and Macy's in a somewhat complex online battle.

FIRST-PERSON: Everyone stop breathing

LANSDOWNE, Va. (BP)--Too bad the baseball playoff game between the Phillies and the Rockies was postponed earlier this month ... because of snow.

FIRST-PERSON: What’s really at stake with global warming

LANSDOWNE, Va. (BP)--What's more dangerous -- global warming or the proposed "solutions" to global warming?

FIRST-PERSON: Media’s worldview evidences one nation with two cultures

WASHINGTON (BP)--In a recent cover story titled, "Scouts Divided," Newsweek promised to tell its readers "how a stand against gays is dividing an American institution." What it ends up doing, however, is demonstrating how the worldview of the media affects the way journalists do their job.

The Electoral College: What’s This All About?

Editor's note: In one sense, the following article by Mr. Colson is outdated. By the time this issue is printed and distributed, the issue of who will assume office as our next President will have been decided — hopefully. However, because some noted political personalities have suggested the elimination of the Electoral College, we felt […]

FIRST-PERSON: Those who say ‘it takes a village’ broke down doors to take this child

WASHINGTON (BP)–This was a weekend we will not soon forget. The pictures of Elian Gonzalez facing helmeted marshals wielding assault rifles will remain etched in our memory — and the world’s — as a day I believe will live in infamy. Frankly, I’m still in shock. I never thought I would see something like this […]

A Nation That Has Forgotten God

It was the night before I was to deliver the keynote address at the National Day of Prayer meeting in the capital. Parading through my mind was the litany so often used before this bipartisan political gathering: Recite 2 Chronicles 7:14 and pray for national renewal. Suddenly, I felt led to give an entirely different […]