David Roach & Art Toalston

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EC receives CP report, frames building sale process

PHOENIX (BP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee heard a report today (June 12) that "escrowing, withholding [and] reducing" gifts through the Cooperative Program is "not as widespread" as thought in February when the EC's CP Committee created a special committee to study the issue. The EC also voted to ask the SBC for authorization to sell the SBC Building in Nashville if a favorable offer is made. The committee additionally adopted a resolution of appreciation for SBC registration secretary Jim Wells, who has completed 15 years of service and will not attend this year's SBC annual meeting due to an ongoing battle with cancer.

EC action changes plan for SBC entity Q&A session

ST. LOUIS (BP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee's June 13 decision not to recommend amending SBC Bylaw 26 has forced the cancelation of a panel discussion scheduled for June 15 with SBC entity heads fielding questions from messengers to the convention's annual meeting in St. Louis. Instead, each entity president will answer messenger questions for four minutes at the end of his report. The EC also referred back to its Bylaws Workgroup for further discussion of a proposal to grant EC representation to Baptists in five pioneer regions of the United States.

EC WRAP-UP: Small-state representation considered

NASHVILLE (BP) -- After nearly an hour of discussion, the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee's officers withdrew a recommendation to propose granting representation on three key SBC committees to Baptists in pioneer regions. EC leadership promised, however, to make an alternate proposal with the same goal but addressing logistical concerns raised by EC members.

Duggars targeted by pro-gay petition

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Nearly 100,000 people have signed an online petition asking the TLC network to cancel the popular reality show "19 Kids and Counting," contending that its stars, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, use their fame "to promote discrimination, hate, and fear-mongering against gays and transgendered people."

Cooperation central to Platt’s vision at IMB

ROCKVILLE, Va. (BP) -- Newly elected International Mission Board President David Platt wants to convince the "scores" of "totally disengaged" Southern Baptist churches that their best opportunity to reach the nations for Christ involves cooperating with fellow Baptists at the associational, state convention and Southern Baptist Convention levels, he said in a telephone press conference with some 15 members of the media today (Aug. 27).