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Ecuadorean prostitutes offered ‘way out’

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (BP)–Cheap thrills are easy and the cost is minimal in a port city like Guayaquil. Women on the street corners of Ecuador’s largest city are regarded by residents and visitors alike as a $5 commodity. International Mission Board missionary Barbara Rivers, however, takes a different view. Rivers, from Houston, and a group of […]

Lima: Alcanzando a una ciudad de contrastes

LIMA, Perú (BP)--Lima fue llamada la Ciudad de los Reyes a finales del siglo XVI cuando los conquistadores españoles enviaron a casa el oro inca que habían saqueado, en barcos que partían desde el puerto natural de la ciudad. En las décadas de 1940 y 1950, la ciudad peruana era conocida como el "campo de juegos del mundo" -- un escape para la realeza de Hollywood como John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe y Ernest Hemingway.

Se les ofrece una ‘salida’ a las prostitutas de Ecuador

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (BP)--Las aventuras baratas son fáciles y el costo es mínimo en una pobre ciudad como Guayaquil. Las mujeres en las esquinas de las calles de la ciudad más grande de Ecuador son consideradas por los residentes y visitantes como una mercancía de sólo $5.       Sin embargo, Bárbara Rivers, una misionera con la Junta de Misiones Internacionales, tiene otra opinión. Rivers, oriunda de Houston, y un grupo de mujeres ecuatorianas también caminan por las calles, mezclándose con las mujeres que ahí trabajan. Pero en vez de usar minifaldas, blusas cortas y zapatos de tacón, estas mujeres se visten con ropa deportiva multicolor con un mensaje de esperanza grabado en sus corazones: Jesucristo: señal de salida

Lima native sees megacity in new light

LIMA, Peru (BP)–Gary and Nancy Green celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in an unconventional way — serving God on a short-term mission trip to Nancy’s hometown of Lima, Peru. The couple met in Peru in the early 1980s when Gary worked as an oil field construction worker stationed in South America. After Gary’s initial impression […]

Volunteers help build Gospel oasis in Peru

LIMA, Peru (BP)–He stumbled upon Oasis by accident. But missionary Kevin Shearer doesn’t believe in accidents. While looking for an impoverished squatter community, Kevin discovered an area called Oasis outside Lima, Peru, where huts share common walls made of mats and children play in the partially covered landfill at the village’s edge. As Kevin began […]

Lima village becomes beacon for Gospel

LIMA, Peru (BP)–Only squatters can identify the differences between communities hastily constructed on the dusty, unclaimed land on Lima’s outskirts. With water accessible only by truck and no electricity except that siphoned from nearby lines, poverty-stricken Peruvian villages named Defenders, Stony Ground and Paradise are either bitter truth or wishful thinking. Poor mountain people are […]

Lima: Reaching a city of contrasts

LIMA, Peru (BP)--Lima was called the "City of Kings" in the late 1500s when Spanish conquistadors shipped home their plundered Inca gold from the city's natural port.

Former gang members now share Christ

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (BP)--In crime-heavy Guayaquil, Ecuador, where more than 60,000 youth are involved in gangs, the scene at the public park ...

Unlikely church planters prove effective

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (BP)--Seven years of moisture and exposure through the cheap, wooden frame have soiled the thin paper, but the faded certificate retains a prominent spot on the cement wall. Carlos Solis proudly points out the inscription: ...

Changed man uses rap to spread the Word

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (BP)--He is undeniably their leader.       Dreadlocks bobbing in time to the Latin rhythm, former gang leader Byron Garcia accepts the hand slaps and requests for autographs from his outpost at the rear of the concert venue.