Erin Roach & Mark Kelly

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Frank Page, inaugurated as 6th Executive Committee president, sets ‘biblical vision’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Executive Committee members, Southern Baptist Convention entity heads and other guests gathered in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 21 to inaugurate Frank Page as the SBC Executive Committee's sixth president.       Page officially assumed the position Oct. 1 after serving 30 years as a pastor and in various denominational roles, including SBC president. Guests were led in worship in the Van Ness Auditorium at LifeWay Christian Resources by Travis Cottrell, and several of Page's colleagues spoke and prayed for him.       ROGER SPRADLIN       Roger Spradlin, chairman of the Executive Committee, presented Page and his wife Dayle with a certificate of inauguration, listing his many accomplishments within the Southern Baptist Convention through the years.       "Frank has a pastor's heart," Spradlin said. "He served as a pastor for many, many years. He loves pastors. He understands pastors. He has a deep commitment to help pastors in their tasks in the local church."       Page also has the heart of an evangelist, said Spradlin, pastor of Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, Calif.       "Frank regularly shares his faith. You can ask him anytime to share a story with you, and he will share a very current story, just something that happened in the last few days or few weeks at the most, of sharing his faith. And he encourages everyone around him to do so as well," Spradlin said.       The new Executive Committee president has a leader's heart and a servant's heart as well, Spradlin told the group.       "He has a deep desire to do whatever God desires him to do, wherever God desires him to do it," Spradlin said. "I guess the most important thing I could say about his heart is the most important thing I could say about anyone's heart, and that is he has a believer's heart. He has a love for our Lord. He is a follower of the Lord Jesus and all that that means."       PAGE RESPONDS       Page delivered a statement of his vision for the office, saying he wants to have priorities that would please the Lord.       "I really will be quite happy when tonight is over because I'm not real comfortable with this kind of attention, to be quite honest with you," Page said. "I would be quite happy if you would forget me and remember our Lord.