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Proposed science standards debated in Fla.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP)–Controversy surrounds proposed science standards that would be implemented in Florida’s public schools for the next decade. As in other states, the debate involves whether evolution should be presented as a fact or a theory. “We are not advocating creationism,” said Kim Kendall, a member of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville. “We are […]

World War II veteran says God protected him during battle

MIAMI (BP)--A green 20-year-old infantry private in November of 1944, Wendell King was marching away from a German town his company had just captured when a machine gun opened fire.       Scared, but knowing he had a job to do, King followed orders. As bullets hit the pavement and whizzed by, the man in front of him caught one, then the man behind him got two, King said. He left the battle unscathed.       "The Lord just protected me. I had some hair-raising close calls," King quipped, "but the Lord looked after me. I can't thank Him enough."       King, 83, the oldest of three brothers who are World War II veterans, is the only one who saw overseas action more than six decades ago. Twins Emerson and Emory King, 81, joined the Navy and Navy Reserve, and never left Florida. Their youngest brother, Quenton, 77, was too young to join before the war ended.

Speaker describes grace-based parenting

SAN ANTONIO (BP)–Parents should aim at creating an environment that emulates God’s heart, one in which children are receptive to the Holy Spirit working in their lives, a family leader told pastors at a breakout session during the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference June 11 in San Antonio. Tim Kimmel, executive director of Family Matters in […]

Texas tallies most messengers at SBC

SAN ANTONIO (BP)–Of the 8,618 messengers who attended the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in San Antonio, the greatest number, 1,592, were from Texas, according to unofficial totals provided by SBC registration secretary Jim Wells. Other leading states were Tennessee, with 652 messengers; North Carolina, 626; Georgia, 600; and Florida, 522. Of the 7,396 people […]

7 family members embrace God’s grace

SAN ANTONIO (BP)–Anthony, a 16-year-old boy standing on the streets of a San Antonio neighborhood, tried to hide a cigarette from a 65-year-old woman walking by. “There is no use in hiding that,” Margaret Rosco said to the boy. “Jesus is not blind and He is not deaf. He sees everything.” Rosco, a member of […]

Leaders using ‘Amazing Grace’ to spotlight modern-day slavery

MIAMI (BP)--A young girl named Rita looks up, dark eyes wary, mouth unsmiling. She has few clothes and despite being 12 years old, looks no more than five. Malnourished and overworked, Rita was rescued from selling water on the streets of Niger, hundreds of miles from her village in Benin, Africa, seven years after a relative sold her into slavery.

Computer savvy students aid SBC registration

GREENSBORO, N.C. (BP)--Eighty college students from Baptist collegiate ministries in five states lightened the load this year for registration of messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Greensboro, N.C.

After the hurricane, they come with prayer & financial aid

HALLANDALE, Fla. (BP)--Shaking her head in disbelief as tears ran down her wrinkled face, Dottie Trull, an 83-year-old resident of north Miami’s working-class suburb of Hallandale hugged the man and woman who gave her and her daughter a small amount of money.

23-year-old is ‘24/7’ in ‘reaching out to lost people’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP)--Sylvia Davis* struggled to make herself heard over the roar of 30 boys as they tumbled and played during a monthly “Boys’ Night” at the Pinewood Pointe Apartments’ clubhouse.