Gunther Friedrichs

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Khabarovsk students seek English, find Jesus instead

KHABAROVSK, Russia (BP)–For decades, communism was the bedrock of Khabarovsk, an industrial city in the Russian Pacific. But communism’s failure has left many people as empty and barren as the trees that tower over them through the dark Russian winter. A visitor can sense an ideological vacuum among those who live in cities like Khabarovsk, […]

Former Muslim in Togo taps into life-changing power

SOKODE, Togo (BP)–Muslims in West Africa say they can’t be sure if they’re good enough to get to heaven until they actually get there. But that issue is settled forever for Toubaye Essognina.Essognina grew up in a strict Muslim family. Later he fell into drugs and crime, and then discovered life behind bars was no […]

Missionary’s counseling skills help reach Paraguay for Christ

ASUNCION, Paraguay (BP)–To the casual observer in Paraguay’s capital city, all seems well. People are working, the economy is stable, wars and famines are not a concern. But the person who makes a conscious effort to befriend and listen to the people there will discover many with deep-rooted needs and unanswered questions.In a modern society […]