Jason Allen

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It seemed like a train ride to nowhere

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP) -- I had been anticipating a warm throwback to yesteryear when I boarded a train in Kansas City bound for Jefferson City, Mo., to preach at the legislative prayer service marking the opening of the state's legislative session. My trip, however, fell short of a Humphrey Bogart movie.

FIRST-PERSON: Ministry & family time

"We must protect our families, but we need not sequester them," Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes about the balance a minister must find between serving his church and caring for his family.

Allen: Considering year-end contributions

Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, sets forth counsel about making year-contributions. Give to your local church first, he writes, and be fully informed about ministries making an appeal for your support.

FIRST-PERSON: 5 words to improve every sermon

Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, notes five words "to improve every sermon": Bible, look, repent, you, Jesus. The words in a sermon, he notes, "come with the power of life and death; thus, the preacher must carefully choose his words."

FIRST-PERSON: Partnering with state conventions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP) -- Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Jason Allen: SBC entities and state conventions have the same constituency -- Southern Baptist churches. "Churches founded us, they fund us and they expect us to serve them," Allen writes. "The SBC will thrive inasmuch as our state conventions thrive, and vice versa."

Whither Christian higher education?

Institutions of higher learning are facing numerous challenges: a shrinking college-age demographic, nagging questions about the value of advanced degrees, the online revolution, persistent economic sluggishness and escalating costs. Yet, for distinctly Christian institutions of higher education, this is where the challenges begin, not end.

FIRST-PERSON: Baptizing children & regenerate church membership

Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Seminary, reflects on the baptism of children in Southern Baptist churches from a biblical, pastoral, denominational and, as the father of five young children, a parental standpoint.

FIRST-PERSON: Is the SBC in golden era of theological education?

Theological education in the SBC is in many ways where it started in 1859, seminary president Jason Allen writes, "with uniformly conservative seminaries serving the convention's churches."

Living in Light of Jesus’ Return

The New Testament reveals that Jesus’ return directly impacts our lives.