Karen Willoughby

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Pastor braves Chicago winter on rooftop

CHICAGO (BP) – A Chicago pastor has a solution to the violence in the Windy City, and he’s taken to a rooftop to proclaim it.

Camp meeting continues after second anniversary

ELTON, La. (BP) – The area around the All Nations Camp Meeting has endured two hurricanes, two tropical storms and the deaths of three local girls in a car crash. Now one of the event’s organizers is in a dire battle with COVID-19.

Old church stands strong on CP, gains new life

SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. (BP) – The Cooperative Program is neither a “sacred cow” nor the only way to support missions. Rather, it’s the best way to financially provide for Kingdom-building missions, say members of Goshen Baptist Church, who will celebrate the church’s 150th anniversary next year.

Cornerstone Mitchell facilitates disciple-makers

MITCHELL, S.D. – What do an electrician, printer and insurance executive have in common, besides all being part of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Mitchell?

Southern Baptist evangelists focus on family with Huckabee, Penrod

NASHVILLE (BP) – As a musician since the age of 11, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told Southern Baptist evangelists he knows the first thing he has to do when he picks up an instrument is to tune it so each note sounds like it should.

Filipino Fellowship sends out its first church planter

NASHVILLE (BP) – The Filipino Southern Baptist Fellowship of North America two years ago said they wanted to support Filipino church planters, and they sent out their first this January.

SBC’s Asian American Collective holds first meeting

NASHVILLE (BP) – About 130 people from most of 27 Southern Baptists’ distinct Asian cultures met for the “Asian American Kickoff Gathering” Sunday (June 13) in a double-sized room at the Music City Center.

Church planter ‘broken … for the people of Utah’

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah – Barry Smith, bi-vocational pastor at Pioneer Community Church, is in his second attempt to plant a church southwest of Salt Lake City.

Featured NAMB Annie missionaries share stories of encouragement

Hand-drawn hearts painstakingly colored and mailed with messages that say, “We love you pastor, and we love your family,” or “Thank you for sharing the Gospel in many ways,” or “I hope you are safe and have food and shelter,” have been received this spring by missionaries featured in this year’s Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Week of Prayer emphasis.

Evangelists, associational leaders, other SBC groups to reconnect in Nashville

NASHVILLE (BP) – Several groups closely connected with the Southern Baptist Convention plan gatherings adjacent to the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting June 15-16 in Nashville.