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Grandma leaves 12 grandkids for mission field

MUMBAI, India (BP) -- A white-haired American woman sits in the corner seat of a train in India as it rattles past skyscrapers and slums in one of the nation's many large cities. Kathleen Jones* chats with a street boy hawking nail polish, a friendship she has acquired during her frequent train rides.

Babies ‘dedicated’ to temple prostitution

EDITOR’S NOTE: Human Trafficking Awareness Day is being marked today, Jan. 11, nationally and internationally. KARNATAKA, India (BP) — Imagine living in a society in which you are judged by your station in life, determined by your birth, rather than by your individual worth or accomplishments. As a father in the lowest rung of society, […]

LieuLieu is one of the ‘lucky’ ones

WENCHUAN, China (BP)--No warning sounded before the ground began to shudder. One minute, the kindergartners were inside the building, pulling out their Chinese literature books. The next instant, an earthquake of unimaginable force shook the school from its very foundations.

Aid targets famine in Kenya’s Rift Valley

MARALAL, Kenya (BP)--While most Americans have never been desperate enough to scrounge for fallen kernels of corn in the dusty ground, famine is a harsh daily reality for millions of people in Kenya. Southern Baptists, through their World Hunger Fund, are providing food relief for thousands of Kenyans on the brink of starvation.

Skills training improves Thai village life

BANGKOK, Thailand (BP)--Hundreds of disadvantaged villagers among the hill tribes of Thailand have an opportunity to escape the vicious cycle of poverty, thanks to a "community transformation project" ...