Marilyn Stewart/Louisiana Baptist Message

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Flood rescue transcended race, age & disability

EAST BATON ROUGE, La. (BP) -- Mary Cupit, 81, awoke to banging on her bedroom window during the early hours as Chad Tyrone, a new neighbor, knocked frantically to warn of encroaching floodwater. By the time Mary roused her caregiver -- her deaf brother Donald Cupit, 73 -- he only had time to throw on some clothes and grab his wallet and keys before helping his sister into a waiting car filled with neighbors they barely knew in East Baton Rouge. The drive to safety took them to Tyrone's grandmother's house where the Cupits were welcomed as family.

KATRINA 2005-2015: La tormenta que elevó corazones hacia Dios

NUEVA ORLEANS (BP) —Emociones a flor de piel brotaron cuando la gente recordó las pérdidas que sufrieron con el Huracán Katrina. Mientras los bautistas del sur ofrecieron fielmente su cuidado a aquellos que fueron afectados por la tormenta, los corazones se suavizaron ante el Evangelio.

KATRINA 2005-15: Storm lifted hearts toward God

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- Raw emotions bubbled to the surface as people struggled with the losses brought about by Hurricane Katrina. As Southern Baptists faithfully offered care to those suffering from the storm, hearts warmed to the Gospel.

KATRINA 2005-15: God’s work during, after the storm

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- From the belly of a Coast Guard helicopter, Aviation Maintenance Technician 3rd Class Allan Campbell snapped photos of Edgewater Baptist Church days after levee breaks from Hurricane Katrina left 80 percent of New Orleans under water. The church steeple dangled on its side, its tip pointed downward into deep water. For Campbell, the devastation was personal. Two months earlier, he had walked his bride down the aisle on their wedding day and out through doors now submerged in water.