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FIRST-PERSON: Avoid perverse, violent TV

MADISON, Ind. (BP) -- Fall is nearly in full swing. Leaves are turning color, Saturdays are filled with football, pumpkins are gracing doorsteps and firewood is stockpiled.

FIRST-PERSON: Defending marriage in a pluralistic culture

In defending the biblical definition of marriage, Christians should not shy away from arguments based on Scripture, says columnist and pastor Paul Brewster.

FIRST-PERSON: The Hilary Rosen controversy & a lesson for Christians

Instead of viewing Hilary Rosen's "mom" comment as a "gotcha" political moment, Christians should evaluate why these ideas that homemaking and childrearing are second-class endeavors are prevalent, says pastor and columnist Paul Brewster.

FIRST-PERSON: The root cause of the London riots

One of the causes of the London riots? From the cradle upward, society has taught youth they were animals, different from apes only in species and skills, not in essence, says columnist and pastor Paul Brewster.

FIRST-PERSON: The Ala. controversy & theological illiteracy

MADISON, Ind. (BP)--It is official: theological literacy in America has reached a new low.

FIRST-PERSON: Is TV to blame for a murder?

MADISON, Ind. (BP)--No place in America is exempt from the violence that saturates our society. That point was made forcefully to me several weeks ago when 17 year old Andrew Conley, hailing from a small town just up the road, allegedly murdered his helpless 10 year old brother, Conner.

CP VIEWS: My two cents’ worth

MADISON, Ind. (BP)–Many Southern Baptists are watching from a distance as the Great Commission Task Force goes about its work. As comments from the formal listening sessions, buzz in the blogosphere, and published responses show, present opinion is divided on the advisability of this undertaking. Given the nature of the project, and the consistent disposition […]

FIRST-PERSON: How shall we pray for the president?

MADISON, Ind. (BP)--Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz., recently made the news by preaching a vitriolic message aimed at President Obama.

A life-changing trip

HAMPSTEAD, N.C. (BP)--When I was about 13 years old, my Boy Scout troop made the trek from Arkansas to Colorado.

The true focus of Thanksgiving

HAMPSTEAD, N.C. (BP)--Few things reveal the hollowness of American Christianity with any more clarity than the collapse of Thanksgiving.