Randy Bennett

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FIRST-PERSON: The God who speaks

Christians can have a unique experience with God, Randy Bennett writes, because He speaks to them. All the other gods in the world, he notes, do not speak to man.

FIRST-PERSON — An untended garden

Randy Bennett, viewing his languishing garden -- and the onslaught of weeds -- after being on vacation, is reminded of the continuous care each church needs from its pastor and leaders.

FIRST-PERSON:  How long can you run?

Trying to fly a kite without wind, Randy Bennett writes, is like trying to engage in ministry without the Holy Spirit. Whether in the U.S. heartland or overseas, he notes, "we can only be victorious when the wind of God's Spirit blows across our land and our work."

FIRST-PERSON: Is your pastor able to retire?

Randy Bennett examines the financial realities many pastors may face as they approach retirement. God will bless a church that participates in a retirement plan for its pastor, he writes.