Rick Lance

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FIRST-PERSON: A time to remember

PRATVILLE, Ala. (BP) – Anniversaries are usually times of joy and celebration. Wedding anniversaries are certainly that kind of experience. Anniversaries for church families are a time to celebrate their histories and to praise the Lord for His blessings upon them.

FIRST-PERSON: Numbers matter

Data on baptisms, discipleship and stewardship, Rick Lance notes, provide "a unique glimpse at the eternal impact churches are making for the Lord."

Welcome to Birmingham

One of the common nicknames for Birmingham in our state is “The Magic City.” I prefer to think of Birmingham as “A City on the Move.”

FIRST-PERSON: A meeting of the hearts

Rick Lance of the Alabama Baptist Convention believes "we were all on the same team" in a meeting led by J.D. Greear, the Southern Baptist Convention's new president.

FIRST-PERSON: Prayer driving

Rick Lance recounts various ways he prays while driving across his state or while stuck in miles of roadwork. Prayer driving, he writes, "has helped me to be in touch with the Lord and the needs of others."

FIRST-PERSON: Beyond Giving Tuesday

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Alabama's Rick Lance suggests that Giving Tuesday be "a time of consecrated and concentrated focus on giving to what makes a difference."

FIRST-PERSON: The pastor search process

Columnist Rick Lance offers advice to pastor search committees as they engage in "one of the most crucial times in the life of a church."

FIRST-PERSON: The gay marriage debate: How would Jesus respond?

Columnist Rick Lance takes a look at Jesus' teachings and how Christ would respond to the current debate over gay marriage.

FIRST-PERSON: Turning a page in SBC history (& shedding tears of joy)

Columnist and Alabama Baptist leader Rick Lance says he cried tears of joy when Fred Luter was elected -- an election that could "begin a whole new chapter" in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Alabama’s tornadoes: A time to remember

[QUOTE@right@180='The individuals and families of those impacted by the tornadoes remember their painful experiences as if they had just happened.' -- Rick Lance]MONTGOMERY, Ala. (BP) -- Some experiences in life you really want to forget because the pain is too much to bear. That is quite understandable. All of us could cite a chapter and verse about such episodes of failure and sadness.