Rolland Slade

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Un tiempo para el lamento y un tiempo para el cambio

El Eclesiastés, uno de los grandes libros sapienciales del Antiguo Testamento, contiene un conocido pasaje en el que se atribuyen tiempos para todo y estaciones para toda actividad bajo el cielo.

FIRST-PERSON: A time for lament and a time for change

Ecclesiastes, one of the great wisdom books in the Old Testament, contains a familiar passage ascribing times for everything and seasons for every activity under the heavens.

FIRST-PERSON: Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work

I can say to you truly as Chairman and Executive Committee, I'd like to really express my relief that this present challenge seems to be behind us. Also, I want to express sorrow over the conduct that we have displayed as Southern Baptists over the course of this absolutely necessary deliberative process.