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Rudolph D. González

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FIRST-PERSON: Strong & unfazed

When rooted in faith, Rudy González writes, "the whole of our Christian experience rallies in support" when "doubt or a moment of weakness would seem to undermine our commitment to Christ."

FIRST-PERSON: Fotografías en Cristo

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (BP) -- Cada año durante estos días de primavera miles de familias se preparan para uno de los grandes ritos de pasaje cultural, la graduación de sus hijos.

EDITORIAL: Oro: El asfalto celestial

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (BP)--No puedo decir con seguridad cuando fue que empecé a oír del crecimiento en el valor del oro, pero cualquiera que sigue la marqueta tiene que quedarse asombrado.

FIRST-PERSON: Should the Pope apologize, yet again?

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (BP)--I am no apologist for the Roman Catholic Church, but I do believe in giving people a fair break and taking them at their word. In this regard, Pope Benedict XVI has been getting a raw deal recently.

FIRST-PERSON: Why pray for the peace of Jerusalem?

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (BP)--Is there anyone who is not painfully aware of the conflict that has been raging at both ends of Israel’s borders?

FIRST-PERSON: Immigration & the Mexican flag

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--We have all heard the story about the frog that gives a scorpion a ride across a river only to be stung for all its good will. As the frog lies dying, it asks the scorpion, “Why did you sting me; after all, didn’t I help you across?” The scorpion responds, “I had no choice; after all, I am a scorpion and that is what a scorpion does.”

FIRST PERSON: Whose ‘Passion’ is it anyway?

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--“The Passion of the Christ” recently was re-released in an edited version. Sensitive that some scenes were too violent, Mel Gibson deleted six minutes of the most graphic scenes. In my opinion, he cut the wrong material.