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Placed in foreign land, Solkan spreads good news

LINCOLN, Neb. (BP)--Vitaly Solkan was at his job in Estonia in 1988 when his supervisor came up to him and said someone needed to speak with him.

Nebraska native nurtures churches for Nebraskans

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (BP)--In rural western Nebraska, miles and miles sometimes separate people and towns. Getting from one community to another can be exhausting. Spreading the gospel message is hard work, but enjoyable when God calls to the task.

Oilfield paydays in Louisiana’s bayous gave way to newfound faith & ministry

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (BP)--Sitting behind the wheel of his aging car, Mike Crowell headed south out of Kentucky toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Goombis carry spiritual hope to Native American reservations

OMAHA, Neb. (BP)--Stretching toward the Missouri River on the border of Nebraska and South Dakota is Santee Sioux Indian Reservation. There are no flashing lights, sleek tour buses unloading passengers at a glitzy casino, or giant marquees announcing the visit of a Nashville recording artist. In fact, the reservation is in a desolate area of Nebraska, and given a choice, most people would probably decide against living here.

He ministers ‘where I grew up’ in the rural hills of Nebraska

      EMMET, Neb. (BP)--The sweat from Joel Wentworth's brow is seeping through his wide-brimmed cowboy hat. A casual western shirt, blue jeans and scuffed up cowboy boots complete the rest of his outfit.
      Wentworth walks toward a man coming out of a weathered barn, the day's labor showing on the front of the rancher's overalls. Wentworth introduces himself and offers the man a free gift, a copy of the "Jesus" video.

His ministry touched prisoners, disaster victims, countless others

TOPEKA, Kan. (BP)--It's the mid 1970s and John Hopkins is in a Topeka, Kan., truck stop with Richard Melton, a man who had just been released from prison and was trying to get a fresh start with his life.

Water quenches thirst, relays gospel at College World Series in Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (BP)–Wearing brightly colored T-shirts with “For Me to Live is Christ” on one side and “Christ First and Then There is Baseball” across the back, Brady Miller and Chad Robertson stood in the shadows of Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Neb., during the College World Series handing out Christian sports magazines and free bottled […]

She searches for ‘unsung heroes’ for array of evangelistic efforts

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (BP)–For John (not his real name), riding around town with friends seemed like a good idea. The night started innocently, but soon the buzz from the alcohol and the influence of the wrong crowd kicked in. Riding around town was not quite enough for the thrill-seeking teens. A few beers led to a […]

Neb. farmers responsive to Baptist seeds of faith

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (BP)--Don Stricker slowly climbs down from his mammoth John Deere tractor and surveys the dark soil he has been tilling all morning. Looking in all directions, all he can see is land, sky, and more land and sky.

5 of 8 GOP candidates sign pledge for marriage; Gore, Bradley decline

WASHINGTON (BP)--Five of a declared field of eight leading
Republican presidential candidates have pledged to uphold "the sacred institution of marriage as the lifelong union of one man and one woman" and to oppose attempts to define it to encompass homosexual relationships.
The Presidential Candidate Pledge on Marriage was drafted by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, a family advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C., and 14 other groups that support traditional families. It was submitted to the candidates at the Iowa straw poll Aug. 14.
Gary Bauer, Pat Buchanan, Steve Forbes, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Alan Keyes signed the pledge. Former candidate Dan Quayle also signed the pledge but withdrew from the presidential campaign Sept. 27.
Republican candidates George W. Bush, governor of Texas, Elizabeth Dole and Sen. John McCain of Arizona have not yet signed the pledge.
Democratic candidates Al Gore and Bill Bradley refused to sign the pledge. Libertarian candidate Harry Browne and independent candidate Robert C. Smith have not signed the pledge.