Steven M. Ortiz

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FIRST-PERSON: John the Baptist’s cave: speculation & sensation

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--In recent days, a “new” archaeological discovery has been reported by most major news services. The good news is that the media feels that information regarding early Christianity and persons recorded in the New Testament are newsworthy. The bad news is that sometimes this information contradicts the accounts in the Bible.

FIRST-PERSON: Revisionism takes on ‘The Passion’

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--The movie was not out yet and already it had caused a major debate. Why would a movie depicting a story so commonplace within Western culture cause such division? Hundreds of movies about Jesus are rerun every Easter. Why would this new one bring out the critics?

FIRST-PERSON: Fakes & faith amid archaeological finds

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--"But wanting their ears tickled, they will not endure sound doctrine."