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At 3-month point, president leads in Sept. 11 remembrance

WASHINGTON (BP)--In the fight against terrorism, "We still have far to go and many dangers lie ahead," President Bush told the nation the morning of Dec. 11, the three-month point after Sept. 11's terrorist attacks, CNSNews.com reported. But, he added, there is no doubt how the battle will end.

NIH report on stem cells: More research is needed

WASHINGTON (BP)--The National Institutes of Health says more research is needed to find out "which stem cells - those derived from the embryo, the fetus, or the adult" -- will work best in treating various diseases, CNSNews.com reported July 18.

Public schools’ bias against Boy Scouts targeted by Helms

WASHINGTON (BP)--Sen. Jesse Helms, a North Carolina Republican and a former Boy Scout, has introduced an amendment to pending congressional legislation to force public schools receiving federal funds to give the Boy Scouts of America equal access to school facilities, CNSNews.com reported May 15.

School gives 3rd-grader the right to wear ‘Jesus Christ’ sportswear

WASHINGTON (BP)--A third-grade student from Orono, Maine, has won a skirmish with her elementary school over clothing bearing the words "Jesus Christ," but school officials say the incident had nothing to do with religious discrimination and never needed to become such a major issue, CNSNews.com reported March 6.