Tony Hudson

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WEEK OF PRAYER: The unplanned planter

PHILADELPHIA – The rain came at the worst possible time. Every Saturday afternoon at precisely 2 p.m., the Chery family drags amplifiers and mic stands and folding chairs and extension cords out the front door of their house, loads them into all the trunks and back seats they can round up, and then they drive across town to a rented storefront in the Philadelphia suburb of Lansdowne.

WEEK OF PRAYER: Extended family and a church called Refuge

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP) – Josh and Beth Glymph are different, but not in the way people might expect.

WEEK OF PRAYER: From one prodigal to another

BOSTON (BP) – “What’s someone like you doing in a place like this?” When Faith Garland goes where she goes, that question is bound to come up eventually. And perhaps the best response she can give is this: Sometimes, it takes a prodigal to know a prodigal.

WEEK OF PRAYER: Loving Las Vegas: Amid challenges, church planter finds fertile soil for the Gospel

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas might be the most known, and unknown, place on earth. Most people know it’s a place where slot machines outnumber ATM’s; a place where you can play golf at midnight; and a place where, if you so desire, you can order a $3.99 ribeye at 3 a.m. But very few people know the Las Vegas that Alabama natives Joseph and Kristen Gibbons know.

WEEK OF PRAYER: Drug dealer turned church planter now harvesting ‘white fields’ for Christ

STERLING, Va. (BP) – There was no brainstorming, no focus group, no research that went into it. Jefferson Hernández had not given a moment’s thought to what he and his wife Carol would call their new church in Sterling. Not until one day, when he was unexpectedly asked the name of his new church plant, and Jefferson said the first thing that popped into his head.