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Trey Graham

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9/11: Remember, pray & trust

Pastor Trey Graham notes, "The faith that brought us through 9/11 can bring us through divorces, bankruptcies and illnesses today."

FIRST-PERSON: The need for Father

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--As a dad, I admit that I have a lot to learn. Approaching this Father's Day, I began to think about the parenting lessons I have learned thus far.

FIRST-PERSON: Unknown soldiers — anonymous, yet faithful

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--Monday is Memorial Day, the day set aside to remember our fallen military veterans, those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

How much church is enough?

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--"No, there's no time to have fun as a family, we have to go to church."

Looking for heavenly citizenship?

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--As you know from watching the news, America is in a very difficult security and political situation right now because millions of people have begun to inhabit this country without obeying the guidelines regarding immigration.

FIRST-PERSON: Two lives, two legacies

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--While following the news, I could not miss the contrasts. Within a week, we have witnessed the deaths of two leaders with two completely different legacies. These men, Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein, forever connected by death, were as different as the languages they spoke and the nations they ruled.

ELECTION 06: Important reminders in busy times

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--Can I give you some homework? Like many Americans, you live a busy life and seem to be always on the go, taking the kids here and there. I know you seem overwhelmed already, but I want to ask you to do four things in the next week. Will you pray, vote, call and give?

FIRST-PERSON: The prayers of a hurting nation

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--September 11, 2001 is a day Americans will never forget. Five years ago, our nation was attacked by a people who hate us for who we are and how we live. We, as citizens of the United States, will never be the same.

FIRST-PERSON: Watch your step

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--Each of us is on a spiritual journey. Do you know which step you are on? Are you on the first step? The second? The 19th? Are you nearing the last turn? Are you lost somewhere in the middle?

FIRST-PERSON: An Easter love story

MELISSA, Texas (BP)--Moviegoers buy tickets to see Hollywood’s finest actors come heroically to the rescue to save helpless people. Patrons of the theater flock to witness well-trained thespians portray roles in which love triumphs over heartache and good vanquishes evil. Bookstores aggressively promote the latest romance novels which allow the readers to experience vicariously a person’s committed love for his or her soulmate. People enjoy love stories.