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6/26/97 Physician says Mohler is clear of infection

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)–An infectious disease specialist declared Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. clear of the infection that hospitalized him recently.
In an examination June 23, doctors performed a minor operation on the index finger on Mohler’s right hand and discovered that the bacterial infection was dead.
Mohler was hospitalized with a severe bacterial infection the week before the SBC annual meeting in Dallas. The infection required several minor operations on his finger, and doctors put him on high doses of antibiotics. He was released from the hospital Tuesday, June 17. His physician said some follow-up treatment will be necessary.
Mohler expressed thanks to God for healing him and to the many Southern Baptists who prayed for him during his illness. “The outpouring of love and support from friends across the country has been a tremendous encouragement to me and my family,” Mohler said. “I am grateful to God for the many people who prayed for me.”

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