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Alabama church ‘campaigns for Jesus’ with yard signs

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (BP) – In the heat of the 2020 presidential campaign, Sampey Memorial Baptist Church in Alabama is “campaigning for Jesus” with thousands of yard signs.

Sampey Memorial member Joyce Hubbard, along with fellow member Martha Sikes, began printing and distributing “Jesus 2020” yard signs in hopes of pointing people to Christ.

“We felt like Christians weren’t being heard or seen,” Hubbard said. “We just don’t see Jesus out there so we decided we would start a campaign for Jesus and that’s what we’ve done.”

The signs, printed at a local printing company, have been sent around the country – to California, Texas, Pennsylvania and others. Hubbard said they’ve shipped more than 5,000 so far – all for no cost except shipping.

“We’re just trying to get [the signs] everywhere,” she said. “Our church has given them away as a ministry. Our printers are working double shifts now just to produce enough signs.”

Many churches and individuals have ordered signs to distribute in their communities at the printing company’s website.

“We feel like [Jesus] is already the winner and we just want to promote Him,” Hubbard said. “This is not political at all. It’s not partisan, non-denominational, we’re not encouraging anything as far as voting, we’re just encouraging people to think about [Jesus] when they see these signs in the yards, to let Him guide any decisions they might make concerning anything and just keep Him foremost in their thoughts.”

As the signs have shown up around the community and word about the “campaign” has spread, Hubbard said it’s important to remember the movement has been a group effort.

“It’s a project for our whole church,” Hubbard said. “We feel like everybody that has a sign or has gotten a sign to put up in their yard is participating in this ministry. Even our shut-ins who can’t come to church, they have a sign in their yard and they can look out there and they know they’re a part of it and that they have a voice, that they’re putting something out there for people to see.

“Everybody feels that way. Our whole community is just inundated with these signs.”

Updates on the campaign can be found on the church’s Facebook page.